The easiest way to obtain a residence in Belgium

The easiest way to obtain a residence in Belgium / The easiest way to obtain a residence in Belgium


There are many Arab communities residing in Belgium, as some regions in Belgium consider the visitor to them as if in one of the countries of the Arab Maghreb such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. What is the easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: Immigration to Belgium:

It is known that there are many ways that allow you to travel and emigrate to Belgium, the most important of which is obtaining a Schengen visa in Belgium, marrying a Belgian, obtaining a work contract in Belgium, studying in Belgium, or also obtaining a residence permit and thus obtaining the Belgian citizenship.

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: To marry in Belgium:

There are many Arabs who believe that the easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium is to marry, so they have always tried to search for Belgian women through dating and marriage sites in Belgium.

The customs and traditions of marriage in Belgium have witnessed a great change, as the Belgian society has come to prefer important and classified sites to search for a partner for marriage.

Others preferred to marry Arab communities residing in Belgium to obtain residency in Belgium, while others preferred to search for what is called a formal or white marriage in Belgium to go to Belgium for a fee.

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: The most important marriage sites in Belgium:

talk with stranger


site rencontre belgique

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: To obtain a job in Belgium:

Of course, immigration does not take place through work until obtaining a work contract and obtaining a work permit in Belgium, so we recommend first getting acquainted with the most important professions required to work in Belgium

Occupations required to work in Belgium:

Construction workers

Professional carpenters

Midwives and nurses



Auto mechanics

Big truck drivers

Sales representatives

Workers in the field of mechanical engineering

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: job opportunities in Belgium:

Of course, searching for a job in Belgium is not a trivial matter, but of course there are acceptable statistics for workers in Belgium who have obtained work contracts from outside Belgium.

The most important job search sites in Belgium:

Linkedin website website website

The easiest way to obtain residency in Belgium: The lowest amount to invest in Belgium:

There are many ways to obtain permanent residence in Belgium, including investment in Belgium, but unfortunately this way is only for businessmen and the rich or owners of small companies

Each country in the European Union has a specific value for the value of the investment, for Belgium has set a minimum investment of 250,000 euros, and among the conditions for investment in Belgium

Foreign investors must provide the Belgian authorities with proof of the legitimacy of the funds that they must invest in in Belgium in order for the investment to be accepted for fear of money laundering.

Of course, the investor has full authority to choose the field in which he would like to invest, such as used cars in Belgium, tourism, hotel construction, or other other fields.

Reuniting in Belgium:

If you are residing in Belgium legally and legally, it is permissible to reunite in Belgium with regard to the husband or wife and children

Required documents for family gathering in Belgium:

That he exceeds the legal age in relation to the wife or wife and that the age of children does not exceed 18 years

Health insurance for the whole family

Ability to provide for a family

Home insurance that meets family requirements

F residency in Belgium:

It is a residence card f in Belgium given to a member of the family of residents in Belgium that falls under Article 9 of the Belgian Royal Decree

One of its most important conditions is that a resident outside the European Union is allowed to reside by the law of family unification in Belgium, and this card is granted to him to stay in Belgium for a period of 5 years

This residence permits the owner to enter the entire Schengen area

C residency in Belgium:

Residence C in Belgium, which is a visa related to permitting marriage and marriage in Belgium to a resident outside the European Union

The period of this visa is 90 days, given to engaged persons to complete the marriage ceremony in Belgium

Residence a in Belgium:

A residence in Belgium is a residence granted by a resident of the European Union to a person outside the European Union

Its validity period is one full year, subject to renewal, and it is given for many purposes that may be humanitarian or for the purpose of treatment or study as well

Residence B in Belgium:

Residency B in Belgium is not much different from residence a, but only differs in its validity period of up to 5 years

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